Stormers Forecast – Session #8 02/02/22

Session #8 – 02/02/2022 – We’re back!

Welcome Stormers to the second half of your season! We hope you are all well rested after our big break, because we have a big 7 weeks of little athletics planned before our end of season awards.

➡️ A new shipment of uniforms has arrived! If you have not yet received yours, please come and see us at the admin desk.
➡️ U6 families are on event setup this week. Please be at the equipment container at 5.30pm to assist.
➡️ We need a fill-in Results Coordinator this week – essentially entering recorded results in to our online system after our training session or the next day. If you can help please let us know!
➡️ We need a new Equipment Officer for the remainder of the season. With the hardest work already complete, the role is now just being at the container at 5.30pm on training nights. If you have been looking for a way to help the Club this is a nice, easy job to take on and we would be very grateful! Please send us a message 🙂
➡️ If we have to cancel the session due to the rain forecast, we will post on our website and on FB by 3pm on Wednesday.
➡️  Session Plan for download and printing.

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