Stormers Forecast – Session #6 6/12/23

Session #6 – 6/12/2023

Stormers we have an exciting session planned this week, that will centre around Race Walking.

Special guest coach, Olympian (Rio De Janeiro 2016) Brendon Reading, will run a skills session for the U8s-14s before a combined Race Walk at the end of the evening.

A big thank you to Coach Katrina for organising and to Brendon for giving up his time to come out and coach the kids.

The planned Sprints program from last week, we will hold over and run that session for our first evening back on 31 January.

Here are is the key information families need to know this week:
 ➡️ REMINDER – parents are expected to stay onsite, with your children and assist the age managers in the running of the evening.
➡️ We will be recording events this week. Parents please be ready to help with timing and recording, those events are shown in pink in our session plan.
➡️  Session Plan for download and printing. 
➡️ Next week, 13 December will be our Christmas themed session then we break over Summer holidays, returning 31 January.
➡️ Please note the change to our javelin location (pictured below) to share the space safely with athletes using our new long jump pit.


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