Stormers Forecast – Session #5 29/11/23

Session #5 – 29/11/2023
As we head in to the 5th session of our season, the weather is not on our side. As a general rule, training goes ahead even in light rain, but is cancelled if there is lightning or if the Executive Team decide the grounds or weather conditions pose a safety risk. Please keep an eye on our website and FB on the day for updates.

In more exciting news, this week we will be having the ‘Sprints Battle of the Ages’! 
Every age group will run a 100m sprint race, where we will determine a winning age group by the following session.
This is done through a point score system taking in to account age, gender and number of athletes per age group.

We will crunch the numbers following the session and the winning Age Group will not only get bragging rights but also a free sausage sizzle the following week!!

Here are is the key information families need to know this week:
➡️ If the session is cancelled due to rain/storms, club will be advised on our FB page and a post on our website by 3pm on the Wednesday.
➡️ REMINDER – parents are expected to stay onsite, with your children and assist the age managers in the running of the evening.
➡️ We will be recording events this week. Parents please be ready to help with timing and recording, those events are shown in pink in our session plan.
➡️  Session Plan for download and printing. 
➡️ Please note the change to our javelin location (pictured below) to share the space safely with athletes using our new long jump pit.


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