Stormers Forecast – Session #6 30/11/21

Session #6 – 30/11/21

➡️ A new shipment of uniforms has arrived! If you have not yet received yours, please come and see us at the admin desk.
➡️ Chocolate fundraising – reminder to return the money from the boxes to the admin desk by our last session 8/12.
➡️ We have some coaches away this week and need a parent helper who is confident in timing middle distance runs to assist. If we don’t have timers, the kids won’t be recorded this session so please consider assisting.
➡️ Reminder if we have to cancel the session due to the weather, we will post on our website and on FB by 3pm on Wednesday.
➡️ We are very excited to be trying again to run High Jump for the first time! Lets hope the weather is kind.
➡️ U10 and U7 families are on event setup this week. Please be at the equipment container at 5.30pm to assist.

➡️  Session Plan for download and printing.

See you all soon

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