What is Little Athletics?

Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian modified athletics program for children from 5 to 16 years.

It is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field). There is a wide range of events from running, jumping, throwing and walking and events are modified to suit the age, developmental stage and ability of the children.

When does the season run?

Murrumbateman Stormers meet from early November through to early March with a break from Christmas though to early February. The season works around carnivals that are conducted by Little Athletics ACT, and availability of the Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds so they change slightly each year.

Dates for season 2023-24:
– 1 November to 13 December
– 31 January to 28 February.
– Presentation event 6 March

How old do you have to be?

If your child was born in the years between (and including) 2007 – 2020, they are in the right age range to compete in Little Athletics for the 2023-24 season. We offer our program for children aged from 3 to 16.

What age group will my child be in?

Age groups are based on a ‘calendar year’ age structure, the same that is used for School Sports, i.e. age groups will be based on the age an athlete is turning the year the season concludes (for 2023-24 this means the age you will turn in 2024).

e.g. Athletes turning 6 during 2024 will be the U6 years group. Athletes turning 7 during 2024 will be in the U7 years group.

Find out what age group your child will be in by checking the Age Group Calculator.

Can my child try Little Athletics before joining?

Yes. We allow competitors to attend one meet for free as a ‘Come and Try’ with permission. Email registrar@murrumbatemanlittleathletics.com.au for more information.

Is there a uniform?

Every competitor is required to wear a Murrumbateman Stormers T-shirt/Tank or Crop with a registration number attached to the front, along with an age group patch. The previous grey/white shirts are no longer accepted as uniform.

We also have shorts, hats and hoodies which are available from our Uniform supplier. These are not compulsory uniform items.

A Murrumbateman Stormers top must be worn with black bottoms (shorts or tights) or the Stormers branded shorts.

All athletes must wear their registration number and age patch on their shirt at each meet to ensure we can record all results accurately. You will receive these in your registration pack at the start of the season.

More details available on our Uniform Page.

How can I register?

Registrations are completed online here. We also accept registrations right throughout the season.

What does it cost to join?

Each season is confirmed once ACT Little Athletics set their rates.

Fees for Season 2023-24, noting we accept the NSW Active Kids Vouchers worth $50, are as follows:

  • U6 – U16: $120.00
  • Tiny Tots: $70.00

An extra cost for new members in particular will be a compulsory $35.00 Stormers T-shirt which can be purchased online from Sports Magic.

What events will my child be competing in?

At Murrumbateman we offer a modified range of events for our athletes based on our space and equipment availability. Our program provides an array of athletic events including sprinting, middle distance running, hurdling, walking, jumping (long and high), and throwing (discus, shot put and javelin). We do progressively add these events as athletes move into older age groups to ensure that the events are age appropriate.

We run a rotating program for our weekly meets to ensure we make the best use of our available coaches and often with fun themed sessions!

When do you hold Little Athletics?

We compete most Wednesday evenings between October and March each year, starting at 6.00pm (the children warm up whilst the committee chat to the parents about upcoming events) and normally finish around 7.30pm. Tiny Tots will train meet from 6.00pm – 6.30pm.

Where are the Murrumbateman Little Athletics Club meets situated?

Our track can be found at the Murrumbateman Rec grounds just off the Barton Highway in the Murrumbateman Village.

Do I have to live in the Murrumbateman area?

No, Murrumbateman Little Athletics membership is open to anyone in the Yass Valley or who is eligible to compete in the ACT.

Training and coaching

We are lucky to have the services of some great coaches in the club, so if you would your child to get some help in a particular event, please contact us at coach@murrumbatemanlittleathletics.com.au 

Wet weather cancellations

Every effort is made to conduct regular competition meets but, due to safety concerns, events may be reduced or cancelled if the ground is wet and/or the weather inclement. An announcement of cancellation will be made by 3pm on meet days via our Facebook page and website.

Do I need to help at meets?

Absolutely!!! – Little Athletics is a sport that requires many more helpers than your average sport. Each age group requires an Age Manager to assist with the smooth running of the meet for that group of children. The Age Manager always needs assistance from other parents in measuring, recording, raking and general group control. Parents are asked to keep an eye on their children and address any behavioural issues that arise with your child. The Age Manager is not a baby sitter. At least one parent or guardian of the child is required to be on site at all times during the meet.

Why are athletes not allowed to compete with their friends in higher age groups?

Little Athletics Australia defines age groups using an end of year cut-off. Every year we receive some requests to allow athletes to compete with their friends in a higher age group. While we understand the desire of the children to do this, we cannot accommodate these requests for the following reasons:

  • The events athletes participate in differ per age group, for example the distances they run change as they get older, and events like high jump, triple jump and javelin are not introduced until a specified age. Moreover, the weights of the throw implements and height and spacing of hurdles change with age. These specifications have been set by Little Athletics Australia and are based on the development stage of the children. Little Athletics Australia does not allow us to let athletes compete in higher age groups, as there may be liability and insurance ramifications, e.g. if we allow an athlete to use a higher weight implement or size of hurdles.
  • During competition on Wednesday evening, the committee and coaches try to ensure that the age appropriate weights, hurdles heights etc. are being used. It would be too confusing and difficult to monitor, if some children in a group would have different requirements than others.
  • If children participate in LAACT carnivals, they would also have to compete in the appropriate age group.

So, please encourage your child to be positive about making new friends in their appropriate Little Athletics age group. They will be able to catch up with their friends after the competition, as well as during the training sessions during the week.


Can athletes wear running spikes?

Murrumbateman Little Athletics Club strongly discourages the use of running spikes at our weekly sessions. If an athlete wants to wear them, we follow the official Australian Little Athletics policy:
– NO spikes for <U10
– Athletes in the U11 – U12 age group may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump, and javelin.
– Athletes in the U13 and above age groups may wear spike shoes in all track events except walks. Spike shoes may also be worn for long jump, triple jump, high jump, and javelin.

**Note: spikes will not be allowed under any circumstances on the new Murrumbateman jumps pit, as the synthetic surface is not suitable.