Awards Archive

At the end of each season, the Club holds an award presentation ceremony. Every athlete receives a medallion and a certificate listing their achievements for the season.

Special awards are then given to outstanding Stormers athletes across four categories for each age group.

  • Most improved The athlete who has come along significantly from their first session of the season. Not necessarily the fastest, farthest etc, but who has improved the most.
  • Age Managers Award (This is the athlete who has regularly attended, listened to instructions, exhibited the behaviour and values encouraged by the Club and has led by example, so not the fastest etc)
  • Merit Award (This award is to recognise the highest performing, all-round Athlete in each group. It is a combination of fastest and farthest, not just someone who is strong in one event, but who is strong across all the events)
  • Sportsmanship Award (Awarded to the athlete who regularly encourages and supports their team mates, and provides a noticeable weekly contribution to the ethos of the group)

The 2021/22 season award winners:


Most Improved

Age Manager Award

Merit Award

Sportsmanship award

Under 6

Hannah Watt

Imogen Baker

Cody William Drage

Lucy Alley

Under 7

Eleena Mattappallil

Leo Amerasinghe

Ella Percival

Makynly Fernance

Under 8

Zara Schulte

Emlyn Hudson

Kyla Mumberson

Matthew Cuthbert

Under 9

Joseph Lacey

Georgie Hocking

Teulia Teofilo

Zoe Rushby

Under 10

Jack Allan

Makayla Timm

Nathaniel Anderson

Ethan Amerasinghe

Under 11-12

Ellie Conlan

Ava Cuthbert

Alex Fillingham

Ella Meehan

Under 13-16

Audrey Fillingham

Ashlin Ingold

Ruben Slattery

Blake Bretton

Club award 21/22 – Chloe Taylor

Chloe was a popular choice among the coaches for the Club Award this season. Her attitude towards each session was unrelenting, bringing determination, drive but at the same time having fun and combining the social aspects of athletics through supporting her peers to do well.

Every week Chloe demonstrated grit and determination during the Strength & Conditioning sessions. She worked hard and pushed herself in the tough exercises all the while encouraging others around her. In all the run, jump and throw events, Chloe would take on board all the coaching instructions and apply herself, never giving up.

Congratulations Chloe on a great season of athletics and for your contribution to the Club as a little athlete!

Volunteer of the Year 21/22 – Karszniewicz Family

Adam and Leah Karszniewicz have been awarded the 2021/22 perpetual Stormers Volunteer of the Year Award in recognition of the significant contribution they have made to the Club this season.

Adam volunteered as our Grounds Manager. Responsible for ensuring the field was mowed and line marked as needed, as well as liaising with council. This role required a significant contribution of time and effort. Adam would have walked / marked out approximately 35km of lines…pretty much Murrumbateman to Canberra!! Every week the lines have been there and we haven’t been let down.

Leah volunteered as our Results Coordinator. This role required the contribution of a number of hours each week after our sessions, interpreting hand written results sheets and entering them all in to the system. 

Some weeks have over 400 individual data entry points to key times / distances in to. We worked our Leah has entered 2646 individual results! That is a significant contribution to our club.

Both of these roles were in addition to both Adam and Leah attending training each week with their little athletes, and always being active and engaged parent helpers. The Karszniewicz Family’s contribution to the successful delivery of our 2021/22 season cannot be understated, we are very thankful.



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