Stormers Shout-out – Grounds Manager Adam Karszniewicz – October 2023

A big Stormers Shout-Out to our wonderful Grounds Manager Adam Karszniewicz for ensuring our oval is all ready for our season start this week!

Adam worked with council to have the oval mowed and running track line marked in between Field Days and our season start.

He then spent a large chunk of his Sunday fighting with a semi-broken line marking machine in the heat to line mark our sprints and throws areas himself. All before managing to spruice up as Where’s Wally for Fairley Scary Halloween! What a champion! 

And the oval looks so good! Make sure you admire it and maybe even say thanks to Adam when you see him down there this week.

Its a big job keeping the oval mowed and line marked through our season, Adam would love some helpers, if you have some time to spare please send us a message.

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